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Monterey Attorney What To Ask My DUI Att

What Questions Should I Ask My Attorney about my DUI Case

If you’re facing a DUI charge in Monterey County, getting the right representation can be essential to getting the best outcome possible. No competent attorney will guarantee you any particular outcome, but you stand a better chance of getting a lesser penalty with the right attorney. Making sure you have the right attorney is a matter of asking the right questions at the time of your consultation.

When you reach out to us by calling (831) 444-6637, we help you schedule a free consultation with a leading Los Angeles DUI lawyer. Your free consultation is an opportunity to get to know more about the lawyer and for the lawyer to learn more about your case. Being prepared to ask the right questions and answering the lawyer’s questions can be a tremendous help for your DUI case.

Learn About Your Lawyer

When you retain a DUI lawyer, you need to feel certain that he or she can handle the intricacies of your case. The first step is to learn more about your lawyer. The typical sorts of questions you should ask of a DUI lawyer include:

  • How long have you been practicing DUI law in California?

  • Do you specialize in DUI cases? How much of your current workload do DUI cases represent?

  • Do you have special training relating to DUI cases?

  • Do you handle both the trial and any DMV hearings?

  • What percentage of your DUI cases go to trial or end in a plea deal?

These questions are meant to help you decide if the lawyer has the right experience to handle your case. An experienced lawyer who primarily handles DUI cases will likely have a sharp eye for details in your case, which will likely improve your chances at a lesser charge or penalty. Knowing if you’re likely to head to trial or avoid it with a plea deal can help you prepare for the coming weeks.

How the Lawyer Gets Paid

While some people may qualify for a Los Angeles Public Defender, many people don’t. Likewise, a public defender may not be your best choice, as the public defender you get assigned may not specialize in handling DUI cases. As such, you should know about the costs of retaining a private DUI lawyer to handle your case. Questions you should cover with your lawyer during your initial consultation include:

  • Do you charge by the hour or do you charge a single fee? What are those rates?

  • Do your rates cover additional charges that might come up in defending the case?

  • How do you expect to be paid? Do you offer payment plans or accept credit cards?

You should feel comfortable that your lawyer is willing to work with you and be honest about the cost to you before you agree to retain his or her services. A high price tag doesn’t always mean high quality or even highly responsive.

Types of Outcomes

While no lawyer should promise you a particular outcome, a good lawyer should have a rough idea of what types of outcomes are on the table for your case. Be sure to ask your lawyer:

  • Do you always recommend taking a plea deal?

  • How will the DMV administrative hearing affect a plea deal or trial?

  • What sort of alternative charges, such as a wet reckless driving charge, can be sought?

  • Does any previous charge affect the expected outcome of the plea deal or trial?

These sorts of questions will be heavily impacted by what information you bring to your lawyer during your consultation. The more information you bring, the better the lawyer can speculate about the likely outcomes in your DUI case.

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The DUI process in California can move very rapidly. You have 10 days from the date of your arrest to request a hearing with the DMV to prevent an automatic license suspension and only 30 days until that hearing will be held. In addition, it may only be a handful of weeks from the date of your DUI arrest before the trial could be set to begin.


This is why it’s important to reach out to a DUI lawyer as soon as possible. You can also call us at (831) 444-6637 if you’d prefer to speak with someone in person to schedule your free consultation. The sooner you can schedule an appointment, the sooner you can ask the questions you need to be answered for your DUI case.


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