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Suspension After a Conviction:

If you get convicted of a DUI offense, regardless of the DMV’s administrative suspension, you are looking at having your license taken away for some time. The exact range of time you will lose your license depends heavily on your case. Your license will be suspended for progressively longer periods of time for each DUI on your driving record. For the purposes of California’s DUI penalties, all the DUIs must happen within 10 years of the date of your first DUI arrest. Any DUIs that have happened outside of this period will not affect your case. The length of time you will have your license suspended varies, but generally is within the following range:

  • First offense: Six to nine months (not counting the DMV suspension)

  • Second offense: Up to two years

  • Third offense: Up to three years

  • Fourth offense: Up to four years

A fourth or greater offense may not result in a suspension. Instead, the court may decide to permanently revoke your license. 

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Other Factors That Will Increase Your Suspension:

The above list assumes that there are no aggravating factors when you are convicted of a DUI. However, some circumstances will result in a longer suspension. These include:

  • Refusing a chemical test (adding one to three years to your suspension)

  • You were on a DUI probation when arrested for a new DUI charge (adds one year to your suspension)

  • Your DUI resulted in the injury or death of another person


Revoked License:

California can permanently revoke your license for certain offenses. On top of four or more DUIs, the state may revoke your license if:

  • Your DUI resulted in a serious injury

  • Your DUI was coupled with a manslaughter charge

  • You were convicted of a DUI murder charge


Fight the DUI Before You Lose Your License!

A DUI charge in Los Angeles or anywhere in California will haunt you for many years to come. On top of losing your license, you’ll have to pay thousands of dollars in fines, have a mark on your record that can prevent you from getting certain jobs, and may result in you spending time behind bars. Instead of trying to end the process quickly, you are better off fighting the charges with a passionate advocate by your side. Even if you believe the case against you is strong, a skilled DUI attorney can help reduce the penalties you’ll end up facing.


Call us to schedule your "Free Legal Consultation" with one of our highly experienced lawyers. We have years of practice fighting DUI charges in California. The initial consultation is completely free to you, so contact us to see how we can help stop you from having your license suspended.

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